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It can be applied to various fields such as semiconductors, smart wearables, optical communications, household appliances, food and medical care.

Medical Field

Ultra-precision, oxide ceramic micro-components used in medical and orthodontics, with excellent corrosion resistance, low thermal expansion rate, ultra-high bi

Household Appliances

It can be used in ceramic parts of small home appliances such as hair clippers, razor blades, and cooking machines, and can also be used in cosmetic packaging.

Optical Communication Field

The ferrule used in conventional optical fiber connectors has the advantages of ultra-high dimensional accuracy, high physical strength, excellent wear resistan

Semiconductor Field

Applied to the entire process of semiconductor production, including semiconductor wafers and wafer handling, semiconductor fabrication (front-end) and semicond

The Field Of Smart Wearables

Applied to mobile phone back cover, side button, camera bezel, button, watch case, bezel, watch strap, buckle, and automobile and other components. It has the c